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Almost HALF of Brits shop online on Christmas Day

TWO in five Britons started shopping online on Christmas Day – most logging in while lunch is cooking.

The average time for bargain hunters to start browsing is 11:44 a.m., according to a new poll.


Half of shoppers end up regretting their Christmas Day purchases, study findsCredit: Alamy
About 40% of buyers are drunk or drunk at the time of purchase


About 40% of buyers are drunk or drunk at the time of purchaseCredit: Alamy

Young people start shopping even earlier – with the average time for 16 to 24 year olds to start looking for sites at 8:56 a.m.

Just over 40 percent of those who shop on D-Day will be drunk or drunk when shopping with shoppers planning to splurge £ 144.19 on average.

This could explain why half of respondents say they regret a Christmas purchase they made before.

Most online shoppers are looking to get the most out of offers, according to a Trustly survey of 1,000 people.

Research also shows that 6% of adults – around 3 million people in the UK – will ask for a refund because they broke up with the person they bought a gift for.

Almost 40% of Britons will ask for a refund between Christmas and New Years, according to the survey.

William McMullan, Director of Ecommerce at Trustly, said: “Santa doesn’t always do things right. As the turkey cooks on Christmas Day, shoppers fill their online baskets with the bargains and gifts they really wanted.

“But for those who want a refund on Aunt Sue’s dodgy socks or a refund on gifts they bought for exes they broke up with after an argument at Monopoly, unfortunately, they could wait a while.

“Slow refunds from card systems mean people will have to wait several days to get their money back.”

Top 5 Reasons to Shop Online on Christmas Day

A survey by online banking company Trustly found the top five reasons people shop online on Christmas Day. They are:

  1. To make the most of the offers
  2. To spend the money we gave them
  3. To buy gifts for people they see after Christmas day
  4. To buy the gifts they really wanted
  5. To get away from their spouse

The most popular purchases are:

  1. Clothes
  2. Technology and gadgets
  3. Accessories
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