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Amazon warehouse worker shows working conditions while on vacation: VIDEO

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas in Amazon warehouses across the country.

And one worker showed firsthand, behind the scenes, what it’s like to work in an Amazon warehouse during the vacation rush.

TikTok user @cash_flacko’s video of what an Amazon warehouse looks like during the busiest shipping time of the year has garnered over 866,000 views, nearly 36,000 likes and 546 comments since its publication. barely five days ago.

In the video, simply captioned “No kizzy # 4u 😂😂”, the TikToker lists all the nuisances he encounters as he and his colleagues work several hours a day to ensure packages are delivered within both. days that have become a main selling point of the Amazon shopping platform.

You can see the short video here:

Other Amazon employees intervened in the comments.

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In the video, which features text superimposed on several snippets throughout TikToker’s shift at the warehouse, some of the complaints read:

“There are never parking spaces”

“They send you to other departments”

“Half an hour just to get out of the parking lot and come home”

These are just a few of the things @cash_flacko posted in a TikToks series about what it’s like to work at Amazon.

The e-commerce retail giant has often been criticized for the way it treats its warehouse workers. There are several employee accounts that cite that workers cannot leave their jobs during a shift to use the washroom.

@cash_flacko has over 75,000 followers on TikTok and is perhaps best known for posting humorous videos detailing his life as an Amazon warehouse worker.

Other, more comical videos show what it is like when you and your best friend are put on the same shift during peak season or when the night shift comes in and meets the workers who are checking in for the shift. morning.


My boy the definition of a tacuache😂😂 # 4u @richardtthag

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According to CNN, while Amazon would pay workers the hour and a half for overtime, workers would be forced to take extra days during the holiday season in order to meet customer shipping requests.

Hard work and overtime can be especially taxing for workers during this time of year.

Based on @cash_flacko’s videos, we’re guessing that these aren’t some of his favorite things.

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