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Amazon’s vast robotic warehouse almost ready

He said the investment was a “big vote of confidence” in Amazon Australia’s future. The installation may not speed up the two-day free delivery time for Amazon Prime members, but it will allow the company to serve 85% of customers from one location.

“The way we’ve actually increased our speed of delivery is to create the Amazon Flex business, and we have contract drivers, or Flex drivers, and through that service we’ve been able to offer a service of seven days a week. -week delivery ”, he declared. The Australian Financial Review.

“One of Amazon’s key pillars is always trying to go faster and faster.”

The Jeff Bezos-owned company hired 500,000 people around the world last year to meet growing demands from stranded consumers shopping online.

Craig Fuller, COO at Amazon Australia, in front of the new West Sydney robotic distribution center. Dominique lorrimer

The building has four levels and was constructed from 13,500 tonnes of Australian steel. When fully equipped, more than 4,000 people will have worked on the site, which has 14 kilometers of state-of-the-art conveyor equipment.

Mr Fuller said Amazon plans to hire a range of people, from high-tech robotics professionals to human resources and those who work to pick up, pack and ship items. About 130 employees from Amazon’s first distribution center at Moorebank will be moved to the new location.

Amazon has adapted plans for the new site to protect it in the future from any pandemic by widening the hallways and enlarging the size of the break room to allow for social distancing.

The new site will continue its COVID-19 safety policies of wearing face masks, two-meter social distancing, temperature control at building entrances and disinfection stations everywhere.

“We have taken the point of view even though some state governments are starting to relax and not impose face masks etc.,” Mr. Fuller said.

“We believe that in the near future, we will continue to do so. When you have hundreds of people working closely together, you want to try to be as careful as possible. “

He added that at his CF sites, the percentage of people who were double vaccinated was in the low range of 90%.

Amazon is one of the few large companies in Australia that has not mandated the jab for its 3,550 employees, instead offering its frontline workers at fulfillment centers and delivery stations a payment of $ 140 when they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The company also has buses to take people to vaccination centers, offers up to two weeks of paid leave to employees diagnosed with COVID-19 (or in isolation) and performs PCR testing on site in Melbourne and Sydney. .