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Boozt Launches Free, Transparent Option For Customers To Buy And Sell Used Fashion And Lifestyle Products

ReBoozt is launched in the app and currently available in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The option should be available in all Boozt geographic areas shortly. Almost 1,000 customers have already activated ReBoozt, resulting in more than 1,200 items available for sale.

CEO Hermann Haraldsson said:
“We want to offer our more than 2 million loyal customers the opportunity to sell their pre-owned favorites or buy unique pieces from others. Boozt customers. Buying and selling second-hand items prevents them from ending up in the waste stream while they are still usable. TO Boozt we keep improving and developing new features for customers to make better and more sustainable choices.

ReBoozt offers a unique opportunity to discover second-hand collections at unbeatable prices or the chance to make room for new adventures. With a few clicks in the app, the account is ready to easily browse historical purchases and choose which ones to sell. Once the item is sold, the seller can purchase and print shipping labels directly from the app, if needed.

Technical director Jesper Brondum said:
“There is a growing trend to buy second-hand fashion and lifestyle products online, but often the initiatives are quite complicated to use, include fees and can be risky in terms of fraud or product quality. . As a digitally born company, it was a simple decision for us to use our technology and reuse our product data to create what we believe is the best used shopping app for our customers.

ReBoozt is the latest initiative to support Boozt’s Care-For strategy with the ambition to become the first responsible e-commerce company in the Nordic countries by 2025. Promote more sustainable consumption using the Boozt technology platform ultimately makes sustainable choices more practical.

Learn more about our goals and commitments for our Care-For strategy, including how to deliver low CO2 distribution per order with 100% recycled and recyclable packaging and 100% renewable energy across all of our operations at www.booztgroup .com / responsibility -au-boozt.

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