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Limited quantities of Omniprotocol Gateways, Small Outdoor and Indoor Cells are now available for purchase

Warminster, Pa., April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CalChip Connect, Inc., (CCC), the nation’s leading IoT and Helium distributor, has launched the first Helium 5G Plug-and-Play Solution Store, in conjunction with FreedomFi and other key ecosystem partners.

The Helium 5G gateway and small cells, powered by FreedomFi firmware, allow users to create their own cellular network, which will enable dedicated connectivity between end devices, and also provide the ability to mine cryptocurrency. All of this is accomplished at a fraction of the cost of a standard cellular deployment and is easy to set up with the Plug-and-Play FreedomFi experience. Additionally, these solutions all include LoRaWAN® capability, allowing deploying customers to quickly connect LoRaWAN® sensors and generate additional data with greater efficiency, all in one solution.

“We are thrilled to support CalChip Connect in the launch of their online store. Powered by the open source Magma project, FreedomFi Gateway, combined with certified plug-and-play CBRS small cells, offers the easiest and most profitable for anyone who owns and operates their dedicated private cellular network,” said Boris RenskyCo-founder and CEO of FreedomFi.

To kick off the store launch, customers will have the option to purchase only the FreedomFi LoRaWAN® and 5G-Ready Miner, which is the only HIP-19 approved 5G gateway, or bundle the gateway with a small indoor CBRS cell – the FreedomFi One – or a small CRBS outdoor cell – Baicells NOVA 430i – pre-equipped with FreedomFi software.

“The Helium 5G movement provides a unique opportunity for people to finally build their own network and earn money along the way. As this network grows, it will create additional opportunity for devices to evolve. and the solutions to be deployed. We look forward to continued collaboration with FreedomFi and other ecosystem players, as we seek to jointly build the largest decentralized 5G and LoRaWAN® network in the world,” said TJ Rancour, co-founder and president of CalChip Connect.

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CalChip Connect (CCC) is the nation’s leading IoT distributor. They offer the most capable devices on the market today, available through a modern online shopping experience. CCC helps IoT original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) achieve scalable distribution, providing global warehousing, high-tech sourcing, supply chain management consulting, and upstream component sourcing.

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