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CECZ in China builds HUF 27 billion warehouse near Budapest

Chinese group CECZ is building a 27 billion forint (74 million euros) warehouse in Vac, north of the capital, government and company officials said Thursday during a site presentation.

The investment creating 110 jobs will include a 14,000 m² smart warehouse that will operate with 700 robots and a 150m conveyor belt capable of processing up to 45,000 to 55,000 items per hour, the ministry’s secretary of state said. of Innovation and Technology, Tamas Schanda.

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and Obuda University in the capital will be involved in the planning of the warehouse, he added.

CECZ will also build a 15,000 m² warehouse for batteries and battery raw materials and another of 5,500 m², at controlled temperature, for raw materials for surgical gloves and other health care supplies. he declares.

Zoltan Szabo, general manager of the CECZ Ghibli Raktarlogisztikai unit, said the investment is expected to be completed in a year and a half, helping to make Hungary an e-commerce hub in the region.

CECZ is China’s leading overseas trade and logistics cooperation area and the leading international marketing service platform.

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