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Chili’s celebrates its 47th anniversary by launching an online store

Ah, yes, the 47th anniversary. A classic milestone worth celebrating. In terms of marriage, the 47th anniversary is the anniversary of the amethyst. But, for Chili’s, it’s the anniversary of branded merchandise.

Last Sunday, Chili’s unveiled its new e-commerce storejoining the growing ranks of fast food and fast casual restaurants that have embraced online stores.

“We’ve got all the essentials covered with everything from fashionable t-shirts to fabulous functional fanny packs, pool floats perfect for pampering yourself and more, ranging from $10 to $60,” the company said. , according to FRS magazine. “So whether you’re looking to become the TikTok trend setter you’ve always dreamed of, freshening up your remote work uniform, or thinking it’s time to finally replace those holey socks on your dresser, we’ve got you covered. “You need it. Supplies are limited. , so be sure to mark your calendars! Basically: you want it, we’ve got it…but only for so long.”

“We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Chili’s birthday with our guests than to officially launch the store, and we look forward to commemorating more great moments with them and our team members in the future. “, said Michael Breed, senior vice president of Chile. president of marketing, added.

Chili’s has experimented with selling goods online in the past, with a limited Cyber ​​Monday drop in 2018 and branded “starter packs” to promote its new delivery service in 2019. But the company is entering finally in the e-commerce game full time. It’s smart, because many of its competitors have already done the same.

And to Chili’s credit, they came out pretty hot, with a wide range of products available on the online store, and included limited-edition drops like the “Birthday Bundle,” which includes a water bottle, socks, and one sticker each representing the 3/13 anniversary and the Presidente Margarita.

The line is also heavy with all-over prints, which are a staple of fast food products these days.

There will be more drops, which customers can find out about before the masses by signing up for My Chili’s Rewards program, which is a nice call to action to tie into the merchandise.

Although Chili’s isn’t innovating much here, you have to give them credit for jumping in with both feet. Not a single item of amethyst, however.