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Did you know that Chewy has a Senior Pet section on their website?

As our pets get older, we want to make sure they have the best products available. And that means we need places like Chewy to help us get there.

But did you know that Chewy makes buying our senior pets easier than ever? If you didn’t know, you might not know their Senior pet shop on the website.

This section of their website has a section for our senior dogs and senior cats, along with other sections that feature must-haves, pet health, and even blog posts about living with your senior pet.

So what can we find in the Senior Dogs section of the website?

There is a Senior Pet section on the Chewy website

Under the Senior Pet Shop there is shopping for cats and dogs, but our focus is on dogs this time around (of course). So what sections can we buy our senior dogs in with the help of Chewy?

The purchasing categories for our senior puppies include:

  • Food for senior dogs
  • Supplements for hips and joints
  • Digestive health and probiotics
  • Steps and Ramps
  • Potty pads and diapers

Basically there is a section for all of our senior dog’s needs which makes it easy for us to get what we need, even if we didn’t know we needed it. By having a section dedicated to our older pets, Chewy helps us get everything we need to keep our furry friends happy and healthy.

But did you even know that there was a section dedicated to our senior pets on Chewy’s website? Have you purchased this section of their site? Do you think having a dedicated area on the website is a good thing to remind us of things our older pets may need? Let us know what you think of this part of the Chewy site.

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