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Dropbox launches its Shop e-commerce tools in beta

Step aside, Shopify! E-commerce merchants everywhere are getting a new set of tools from a rather unlikely source: Dropbox.

The company announced (opens in a new tab) Dropbox Shop in November last year and the suite of seller-focused tools is going into public beta right now, alongside Dropbox Backup.

“By allowing you to sell directly to your customers, Shop allows you to retain ownership and control of your business and your audience,” the company said in a blog post. (opens in a new tab). “With the new version, you can customize your storefront and URLs, embed HTML codes, and add tipping features.”

E-commerce Wars

At their core, the tools offer something similar to Shopify and the like: the ability to list and sell products of all types from a centralized online hub. Users can create a storefront, get a custom URL, and accept payments through Stripe and PayPal.

Currently, Dropbox won’t take a cut of every sale as the product is in its early stages, but that will almost certainly change in the future. For now, though, if you’re looking to sell products, a commission-free store should be attractive.

Dropbox Shop beta is available on all Dropbox plans – Basic, Plus, and Professional – but only in the US at this time.

Making it easier to sell items online is big business, and not just for Amazon. A huge array of startups are currently vying for e-commerce supremacy, especially when it comes to independent sellers.

Etsy had an early lead, but rivals like Shopify have sprung up in recent years to allow merchants to deliver a personalized experience.

Dropbox moving into the space is interesting, given that the company has primarily focused on cloud storage and creative tools like Paper.

Dropbox Shops is reversing that somewhat, and we’re very interested to see how the plan plays out in the future.