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Evaly’s website, a currently controversial e-commerce platform, yesterday became unavailable because its server was down, according to a post on the company’s official Facebook page.

Evaly’s banking activities have been temporarily halted as its president Shamima Nasrin and chief executive Mohammad Rassel have recently been placed behind bars, he said.

Under these circumstances, uncertainty arose over how Evaly would bear the cost of its servers and office maintenance as well as the salaries paid to employees.

“We are sincerely sorry that our servers have gone down and our efforts to restart the servers are continuing,” the company said.

The Daily Star attempted to contact Mahbi Chowdhury, senior vice president of Evaly, for comment on the matter, but did not respond when this report was filed.

The e-commerce company, which has attracted large numbers of customers by offering eye-catching discounts on popular products like smartphones and motorcycles, has been in the spotlight amid growing claims from customers and marketers about its inability to deliver products, payments or refunds despite taking down payments.

In this context, the Ministry of Commerce had previously asked various government agencies, including the Ministry of the Interior and the Anti-Corruption Commission, to take the necessary measures.

On September 16, the Rapid Action Battalion arrested the president and CEO of Evaly on the basis of numerous cases filed by customers.

Two days later, the company said its employees would continue to work from home until further notice.

In her submissions to the Commerce Department in August and early September, Evaly said her total liabilities stood at Tk 543 crore, including Tk 311 crore to customers while her merchant dues stood at Tk 205 crore.

However, according to Evaly data obtained by The Daily Star, the e-commerce company owes at least Tk 408 crore to 1,026 sellers.

In her social media post, Evaly said her CEOs informed through their lawyers that all of the complexities can be overcome if given four months.

Moniruzzaman Rony, a businessman, said he saw the notice on Evaly’s verified Facebook page regarding the shutdown of his website.

“Following the formal notice, I just have to give up the hope of having the product I ordered delivered to me,” he added.

Rony ordered some products, including cell phones and microwave ovens, through Evaly by paying 1 lakh Tk against the company’s T10 offer in July.

It is still unclear where its products are located, which were to be delivered within ten working days.

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