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Federated Car Care Unveils Redesigned Website

A recently redesigned website now features a wide range of information to help stores educate their customers so they can make informed decisions about vehicle maintenance and repair.

“We designed the new Federated Car Care website to provide Car Care Center members with important service information they can share with their customers,” said John Marcum, director of marketing, Federated Auto Parts. “The site also has sections on programs available to vehicle owners, as well as tech tips and helpful videos.”

One of the main features of the site is an improved car service center locator. Motorists can easily search for a Federated Automotive Service Center in their area by entering their zip code or address.

A list of Federated programs available to Federated Automotive Service Center customers can also be found on the recently updated site, including detailed information on the National Warranty, Roadside Assistance and Road Hazard programs. The vehicle maintenance section includes a service interval schedule and short videos that cover common maintenance topics such as brake inspection, oil changes and a check engine light.

Shops interested in becoming a Federated Automotive Service Center can learn more about the benefits and resources provided to help Federated Automotive Service Centers grow their business.

To view the new website, visit

For more information on becoming a Federated Car Care Center, or contact a Federated representative.