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Google Introduces “Shops” Section for Retailers to Drive Traffic to Their Website

New Delhi | Jagran Technology Office: Tech giant Google has introduced a “stores” section in mobile search results so retailers can increase brand awareness and drive traffic. First, users will be able to see three retailers in the stores section. However, it can be expanded and can display up to ten retailers. This will be based on the organic search rankings of the retailers.

“We recently launched Shops, a new module available on mobile devices for certain shopping queries in US English,” said a Google spokesperson, quoted by Search Engine Land.

“We launched it to help present more selling options to users on search. This feature currently displays 3 stores, and users can then expand to see up to 10 merchants depending on availability. The selection of displayed results and their order are based on organic search rankings, ”the spokesperson added.

The shop section is completely based on organic search ranking, and in order for retailers to appear in the shop section area, retailers must improve their organic search ranking. Those who do not have a good ranking may not benefit from it.

As Google adds this support for organic shopping features, it becomes important for merchants to verify that their sites are optimized for both traditional search results and shopping-related features.

Note that with the addition of a shopping section in the search engine, non-shopping results will be pushed further down the page. This feature has been added to support both users and merchants as there is growth in the field of e-commerce.

In order to launch shopping integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce, and GoDaddy, as well as other ecommerce platforms, Google has also introduced a “offers” section in search results.

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Mallika Mehzabeen