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Hopstack and ProGlove to Demonstrate Automation Solution Using Modern Warehouse System and Hands-Free Scanners at Modex

Demonstrations on the booth will showcase the Hopstack digital warehouse platform and integration with ProGlove’s hands-free scanning devices.

PALO ALTO, California, USA, March 21, 2022 / — Palo Alto, Calif., March 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hopstack Inc, the leading AI-powered warehouse management, control and execution platform, today announced that the company will showcase its Warehouse operating platform capabilities at Modex 2022 being held March 28-31 in Atlanta, GA. Hopstack will join ProGlove on their booth at the event to demonstrate how the modern digital warehouse platform can optimize warehousing operations and enable greater operational efficiency.

ProGlove’s award-winning handheld barcode scanners allow the human worker to do more with less effort. Years of research have resulted in the best portable wireless technology. The right fit, form and function ensure the cutting edge organization needs to stay ahead of the competition. Hopstack’s platform enables companies to take control of their warehouse operations, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve fulfillment throughput without increasing costs. Cloud-based warehouse software is integrated with most commonly used hardware devices (scanners, printers, robots, AGVs, AMR, etc.) and other software platforms (ERP, e-commerce marketplaces, shipping carriers, etc.). To enable business operational efficiency by providing customizable workflows, a no-code rules engine as well as an advanced reporting and analytics module.

Hopstack Co-Founder and COO Vivek Singh described the integration as “the next big step in improving throughput in automated warehouses” and added, “Hopstack is on a mission to streamline and simplify warehousing and fulfillment activities. This includes providing out-of-the-box robotic and device integrations to significantly reduce deployment time. These next-age robotic devices make warehousing operations much more efficient and help increase throughput.ProGlove’s handheld scanners help order pickers and other warehouse operators increase efficiency and enhance overall safety in regular operations.The hands-free scanning capabilities provided by the devices MARK from ProGlove are well suited for e-commerce involving high throughput and fast execution. A seamless relationship between the Hopstack platform and ProGlove’s scanning devices will help our e-commerce and 3PL customers make the inbound and outbound process more efficient, thereby improving their throughput.

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