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If you shop at Walmart, prepare for these changes in July

Shopping at Walmart isn’t just affordable, it’s also downright convenient. Whether you have a full grocery list, need a few wardrobe staples, or are already stocking up on school supplies, these retailers are full of options for you. The beauty of this is reliability – you know what you’re getting when you walk into any Walmart store. But now the retailer has announced some new changes for customers you’ll want to be aware of. Read on to find out what Walmart is introducing starting next month.

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Walmart recently announced several updates to its business model, including plans to open hundreds of renovated stores in the next fiscal year. As CNBC reported, new locations will be designed to entice customers to buy more apparel and home decor products. A pilot store has been opened in Springdale, Arkansas, near Walmart’s headquarters, which serves as a “test” before the redesign is rolled out more widely.

Last week, the company said it would bring Bubble Skin Care to 3,900 stores across the United States, where the skincare brand will share storage space with rivals including Neutrogena, CeraVe and Cetaphil. . Now the company has announced additional changes, which you’ll be able to see in the palm of your hand.

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Shopping at Walmart is about to get a whole lot easier, according to a blog post by Brock McKeelsenior vice president of site experience for Walmart eCommerce, and Cheryl Ainoa, senior vice president of new businesses and emerging technologies for Walmart Global Tech. Starting in early July, the company is rolling out a new augmented reality (AR) feature in the Walmart app that will let you see what furniture looks like in your home, before you buy it.

Much like a virtual feature that Lowe’s rolled out earlier this week, Walmart will make 300 furniture and home decor items available in the Walmart app. To see what a chair might look like in your living room, for example, you can select the AR-enabled item, click the “Show in your space” banner, and the app will provide instructions on how to connect the your phone’s camera.

Wondering if a sofa will fit your space? The app has you covered there as well. Simply toggle on item dimensions and even take a photo for reference later.

The “Display in Your Space” feature will be available on the Walmart app for iOS in July, with plans to roll out to Android and mobile web, according to the blog post.

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A man launches the Walmart mobile app from his iPhone.  The app is a convenient way to check off your groceries and grocery list.

The app is enabled with haptic feedback, so your phone vibrates while you move the 3D models and prevents you from dragging virtual furniture beyond the boundaries of your room.

“It adds a compelling level of realism to the experience,” McKeel and Ainoa wrote.

The retailer also made note to point out special features for customers with disabilities. For people with limited mobility, the app lets you place an object in a room and “maneuver it with gesture controls,” the blog post says. Voice instructions and descriptions are available for customers who are blind or have limited vision.

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According to the blog post, customers can also expect to see AR functionality going live in stores. Using the Walmart app, you’ll be able to point your phone’s camera at store shelves and filter Walmart’s product assortment “based on your personal preferences,” McKeel and Ainoa said.

The retailer says this will be particularly beneficial for shoppers with food allergies, who can use the in-store AR tool to read ingredients more quickly and ensure they are meeting their dietary restrictions. You can also use the feature to find out if items are on restoration, clearance, or part of Walmart’s rewards programs.

While the “Display in Your Space” feature will be available next month, Walmart did not provide a date when customers will have access to the feature in-store, noting that it is in development.

“All of these AR-powered features help us deliver fast, engaging and personalized experiences that simplify shopping and underscore our commitment to using technology to save customers time and money,” McKeel and Ainoa said. .

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