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Indiana County Center for Economic Operations Launches Website Redesign | Community news

The Indiana County Center for Economic Operations is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website,

The Indiana County Economic Operations Center (CEO) is a county-wide public-private partnership dedicated to promoting the economic prosperity of communities in Indiana County, according to a press release.

CEO provides assistance with site selection, business and industrial parks, multi-tenant and flexible buildings, small business consulting, business planning, financial and tax incentives, education centers and training, conferences and opportunities for visitors and tourism.

Affiliates of the CEO are Indiana County Commissioners, Indiana County Chamber of Commerce, Indiana County Development Corporation, Indiana County Tourism Bureau and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The current website was launched in 2014, and since then the website has had hundreds of thousands of “clicks” – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, according to the press release.

The website focuses on economic development opportunities in Indiana County, ready-made construction sites available, business support, financial incentive prospects and quality of life in Indiana County. Indiana.

The newly redesigned website will make it easier to navigate all the important factors that can attract and retain employers and developers in the county.

The revamped website will include new census data, workforce and workforce information, and the CEO’s quarterly newsletter. Visitors to the website can sign up to receive a digital copy.

“As Chairman of the Indiana County Commissioners, I am proud to say that since the website was first launched in 2014, the Indiana County Economic Operations Center website has received many visitors from local businesses looking for financial assistance for site selection companies and commercial real estate agents looking for pad ready sites and buildings, ”said Mike Keith, chairman of county commissioners, in the release. hurry.

“It has turned out to be a user-friendly tool that people want the convenience of getting information quickly. It gives me great pleasure to be part of the launch of a newly redesigned website that will be an even better resource for these decision makers. We want to welcome everyone to find out what makes Indiana County such a wonderful life that we already know and why we would like you to settle here to live, work and have fun with us!

“The CEO’s new website is a comprehensive source of information about Indiana County,” said James Wiley, president of the Indiana County Development Corporation.

“Partner members of the CEO can provide direction and assistance to any business or industry looking to grow or expand in Indiana County. From financing and training to real estate needs, the CEO can start and grow your business in Indiana County.

“The Indiana County Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a part of the Indiana County Economic Operations Center and looks forward to the launch of this comprehensive website,” said Mark Hilliard, President of the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce. Indiana County. “The new website offers a wonderful overview of all that Indiana County has to offer and allows current and potential businesses to have a one-stop-shop for all of their needs to help them locate, relocate or grow their business. . It is an amazing tool that will create many benefits and opportunities in the future.

“The Indiana County Tourism Board is proud to be affiliated with the CEO of Indiana County,” said Laura Herrington, executive director of the Indiana County Tourism Board. “It is well known that tourism and visitor spending are two major contributors to our local economy. A quality website is a valuable marketing tool and is necessary for providing an overview of Indiana County in general. The presence of the ICTB on the CEO’s website is an opportunity to highlight the quality of life we ​​all enjoy. Including the tourism industry in this crucial promotional effort helps present the full picture of life in Indiana County to new businesses and potential visitors.

“It’s great to see the CEO prioritize their digital presence with the launch of their redesigned website,” said Chris Noah, Director of Marketing at IUP. “A dynamic website is essential for connecting stakeholders to your brand and helping them understand the benefits you offer. This new website will allow the CEO to engage stakeholders with important and meaningful content that will truly showcase the efforts, partnerships and resources available to companies looking to launch or grow their presence in County of. Indiana.

The Indiana County Center for Economic Operations invites all visitors to explore the new website at to take a tour and see exactly what Indiana County has to offer as a great place to live, learn, work and play.

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