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Ivanti Velocity Delivers Capabilities to Boost Supply Chain Warehouse Operations

Ivanti Wavelink, Ivanti’s supply chain business unit, today announced that Ivanti Velocity infrastructure provides capabilities for supply chain customers to boost warehouse operations – without having to need to write code or disrupt existing WMS or ERP systems. The Ivanti Velocity framework enables transportation, logistics, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing organizations to increase productivity through powerful workflow automation, while delivering enhanced and consistent user experiences on rugged mobile computers.

Automation in warehouses has become a top priority for supply chain operations. Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has increased consumer interest in e-commerce, and with consumer demand, the supply chain is trying to catch up. Additionally, companies are grappling with labor shortages and are looking to hire new or seasonal employees to cope with peak seasons. With all of today’s supply chain challenges, there is little time to deal with any disruption in supply chain operations. This is where Ivanti Velocity plays a vital role: it combines terminal emulation (TE) and industrial browser capabilities in a single client, enabling green screen telnet migration to updated mobile devices as well as ‘an organized browser experience. Its technology framework provides businesses with capabilities that enable every work device at the edge to achieve operational excellence in business-critical environments and provides capabilities for upgrade, modernization, automation and automation. integration to optimize supply chain operations to be fully scalable.

With millions of Velocity licenses installed, here are just a few examples of how businesses easily develop and discover opportunities and use cases without having to reinvest or replace their WMS or core IT systems:

  • Voice activated direct debit
  • Highlighting & Pick-to-light
  • Deployment of HUD devices
  • Damaged goods process
  • Integration of IoT devices
  • KPI monitoring

“The expansion of Ivanti Velocity comes at a critical time as retail, manufacturing and logistics companies urgently need to speed up operations, reduce risk and increase productivity,” said said Brandon Black, senior vice president and general manager of Ivanti Wavelink. “I am proud that our development team is proactive and creatively engineering capabilities for organizations that are solving their most pressing supply chain challenges today, while preparing for the future. Ivanti Velocity connects use case scenarios focused on inbound and outbound flows as well as in areas beyond the four walls, enabling operational excellence.

Ivanti Velocity allows supply chain organizations to upgrade to the latest operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows 10, all without having to write a single line of code. Ivanti Velocity also offers the ability to modernize existing applications to provide better user interfaces for additional productivity gains. This equates to less training time for staff and greater precision, productivity and efficiency in work practices. But the real benefit is that Ivanti Velocity is a scalable technology, allowing organizations to maximize their investments and move into the “warehouses of the future”.