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New Zealander Creates Grocery Price Comparison Website to Help Find Best Prices

The website can only display local supermarkets that offer online shopping, as the price data comes from online stores.

The website was posted on Reddit by its creator, who goes by the name “rocwong”, and people are raving about it.

“I used to do it manually every time I shopped! This is going to save so much time – legend!” said a Reddit user.

“Very useful app, thank you! Love how you can create a list and then distribute it to supermarkets for you. I see myself using it regularly,” said another.

Some users fear that supermarkets will shut down the site.

“Wow! This will definitely ruffle some feathers. I totally agree,” said a third.

Some are calling on the government to get on board so everyone can access the site.

“Puts the power back into the hands of consumers. Great job,” said another user.

It comes as the Commerce Commission has suggested a third supermarket chain is needed to break the duopoly that Woolworths NZ (Countdown, Fresh Choice, SuperValue) and Foodstuffs (PAK’nSAVE, Four Square, New World) have on the grocery market in New Zealand.

In March, food prices were 7.6% higher than a year earlier, the largest annual increase in more than a decade.

Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister David Clark said supermarkets needed to “get their profits under control”.

“[Wednesday’s] The figures confirm the findings of the Commerce Commission’s Grocery Market Study that the supermarket duopoly is profiting at the expense of ordinary New Zealanders,” Clark said.

The website is an effort to help Kiwis find the cheapest grocery items at a time when the country is in a cost of living crisis.