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One stop shop in your Mumbai neighborhood for culinary needs!

New Delhi, December 25: Urban Platter, the one stop shop for all gastronomic and culinary needs in every kitchen and category, provides customers with convenient options for luxury culinary and culinary needs, with an online retail presence in over 700 locations across India. They opened their first store under the name and brand Urban Platter in the Bandra district of Mumbai.

“The reason we are launching a retail store is that we want to provide the full experience of a physical store and allow people to try and taste our products – to make them look and feel,” said said Chirag Kenia, co-founder of Plateau Urbain. “As we started out primarily as an e-commerce portal, we realized that providing people with all their needs under one roof is also an opportunity that we want to offer to gourmet food lovers, hence the idea. to open a store. »He adds again.

Christmas Box by Urban Platter

Bandra will house the first store of its kind, which will house 1,000 culinary products under a single brand. All the products are vegan and, more importantly, they will give you a complete dining experience.

“Given that a large portion of the target audience resides in or in stores in Bandra, which is also the heart of the city, this is certainly the best place to get a feel for customer needs.” We will be showcasing about 900 to 1000 products, and we expect people to come and try our products. The goal is to strengthen the brand presence and better understand the behavior of our consumers, ”said Kenia at the store launch.

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