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Online specialty store and digital gifts will outlast the holiday season

Sometimes you just need to feel ~ special ~. Enter: online specialty stores, like Telfar’s pre-order store and, designed to be digital shopping platforms.

For big sales events (* cough *, Christmas), from VIP promotions to pre-orders and product drops, having a separate electronic communications experience has a few advantages. There is this feeling of exclusivity, for example. But it also gives brands an accurate estimate of product demand, while engaging directly with consumers.

Game time: Ecommerce solutions company Scalefast originally designed specialty store solutions to manage digital and physical inventory for the video game industry, senior vice president of marketing Dan Wallace-Brewster told Retail Brew.

During times of high volume sales, such as a new Final fantasyn version, “hundreds of thousands” of transactions are carried out around the world in a short period of time. Online specialty stores can contain this traffic and demand.

  • Luxury businesses have embraced the trend, embracing more “tailor-made and intense customer experiences,” added Wallace-Brewster.
  • Collecting customer information and ‘information points’ through these specialty stores can reduce surplus products, adjust quantity, make design changes, and allow more flexible return rules that may not be possible. as part of a normal distribution.

Scalefast has recently worked with brands like Salvatore Ferragamo to create flash sales sites for their employees. The company also participated in the construction of the L’Oréal Friends & Family boutique and fueled the sale of Maison Margiela’s “Friends & Family” fragrances last week.

+1: Wallace-Brewster mentioned the usefulness of “re-commerce” (a fancy way of saying resale) specialty stores, given supply chain shortages and shipping delays. URBN, for example, launched its new used market Nuuly Thrift in August. There’s also Patagonia’s Worn Wear resale site.

+2: Another way for consumers to avoid supply problems? Digital gifts. “It used to take the format of an electronic gift card, but now we see the role of the virtual product in the metaverse,” Wallace-Brewster told us. “It will gain a foothold this year and gain a lot of speed for the 2022 holidays.”—JG

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