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OpenTech’s New Website Platform Offers All-in-One Marketing Solution for Self-Storage Operators

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OpenTech is launching an online rental website solution, INSOMNIAC StoreCore®, with built-in features to help operators attract more tenants and generate revenue.

In self-storage, it’s easy to focus on your physical footprint, but digital real estate is just as important to an operator’s success. »

—Cameron Urry

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, April 14, 2022 / — OpenTech Alliance, the self-storage industry’s PropTech leader, has launched a modern online rental website solution with commerce features electronics and integrated marketing tools to help self-storage operators attract more tenants and easily generate better revenue. INSOMNIAC® StoreCore, updated in real time and fully integrated with SiteLink, includes a wealth of features, information and tools designed to give operators a competitive advantage in the market.

“In self-storage, it’s easy to focus on your physical footprint,” said Cameron Urry, product vice president of customer acquisition services for OpenTech Alliance. “But digital real estate is just as important to an operator’s success. You can have the best setup for miles, but if customers can’t find you or your website is frustrating to use, you’ll lose that tenant. It is no longer enough to have a website – your website must now be a revenue generating machine. The release of the StoreCore website platform is a critical opportunity for operators to pivot their online rental strategy for the modern self-storage tenant and future-proof their business.

Built by self storage marketers with proven rental conversion expertise, StoreCore simplifies website management while giving operators all the power of a robust marketing team. Some key platform features include:

• Site performance: Built-in search engine optimization, sub-2 second loading speeds, and responsive design across devices help you attract and retain customers.
• Content Management: Flexible themes and an easy-to-use content management system give you complete control over your website content (no technical expertise required).
• Maximize value for tenants: Smart pricing and leasing tools help you get the most revenue per leasable square foot.
• Rental Conversion: Dynamic customer journeys honed across 100+ self-storage websites designed to convert potential customers.

StoreCore helps operators establish a strong online presence, create customer journeys designed to increase tenant value, and refine digital marketing strategies with insights into customer acquisition costs and channel performance. Backed by hundreds of features to help storage operators create, market and grow their rentals online, StoreCore is one of many digital marketing tools and services available under the OpenTech Customer Acquisition Services umbrella.

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