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Ordoro Announces Barcode Scanning for Warehouse Order Picking Workflows | Texas News

AUSTIN, Texas, November 10, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Ordoro, a Global Leader in Logistics and Ecommerce Operations, Launches Barcode Scanning Feature for Warehouse Order Picking Designed to Help Businesses Pick and Pack quickly and accurately produce products for orders requiring bulk fulfillment. This functionality will allow operations teams to perform warehouse quality assurance during their fulfillment process, ensuring that customers receive the products they have ordered.

Ordoro’s barcode scanning feature for pickup will help reduce the number of mistakes made when shipping packages. As the warehouse worker walks through the warehouse, they can scan the bins they pick from to ensure the correct product is selected. In turn, this will reduce overall costs and improve customer satisfaction, thereby creating invaluable brand loyalty.

“Freeing up barcode scanning for order picking is an exciting step for us. ” noted Jagath Narayan, CEO and co-founder of Ordoro. “This new functionality expands our warehouse management capabilities and support for complex workflows. Every trader is unique in their shipping process and we aim to support all growing traders!

Ordoro is dedicated to providing growing traders with the tools they need to compete with large corporations. Ordoro does this by offering flexible, affordable, and feature-rich plans. With that in mind, Ordoro’s new pickup barcode scanning feature is available to all customers regardless of subscription type.

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Media contact

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