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Our eCommerce Editor’s Favorite Sunless Bronzer – Shop Now

When it comes to maintaining a summery glow all year round, OKAY!e-commerce editor Rebecca Friedman has a simple philosophy: Fake it ’til you make it.

“I like self-tanners because it’s a healthier alternative!” she shares, noting that she’s “always been against” tanning beds and that lying in the sun can leave her with “irritated, sore and injured skin.” “Even though vitamin D is much needed, increased sun exposure can be extremely harmful to your skin.”

But even with the well-documented benefits of opting for a sunless tan, finding a reliable product that avoids all of the potential pitfalls of achieving a DIY glow — streaks, unflattering orange casts, or virtually invisible results — doesn’t hurt. is not an easy task.

That was until Rebecca stumbled upon Bondi Sands self-tanning mousse while browsing her TikTok For You page.

“A lot of influencers like me endorsed it and I finally pulled the trigger,” she says, adding that the products’ inclusion on Amazon Prime helped sweeten the deal. “I had an event I wanted to feel confident about and the bronzed glow did the trick!”

Thanks to these excellent results, which are a testament to the product’s long-lasting formula and pleasant smell, Rebecca was sold, incorporating the mousse into her tanning routine.

Although the writer still “fairly” loves ULTA’s Self Tanning Express Tan tinted mousse, the tried-and-tested express product she used before this discovery, she says Bodi Sands mousse was particularly appealing for the summer because it offers a deeper, bronzed look, especially when she’s not spending time in the sun.

“Ulta gives a more natural tan while this one is a bit more intense,” says Rebecca. “It can be frustrating and almost seasonal when it’s been a while since you’ve soaked up the sun. This bronzer makes me feel caught up in my friends’ tan levels lol and works overnight!”

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