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Proforma hits milestone of 6,000 e-commerce stores

The Proforma Network continues its legacy of rapid and innovative expansion with its latest feat in e-commerce

TAMPA, Fla. – Proforma, the $500 million technology and business success leader, recently celebrated the launch of its 6,000th e-commerce store, made possible by the integrated, user-friendly and customizable e-commerce solution from the company – ProStores.

“Our team is only scratching the surface of what we think is possible,” explained pro forma director of e-commerce Brian Roney. “Milestones like this are a testament to the strength of our technology and our people.”

Proforma’s e-commerce footprint grew 300% in just six months. This exponential growth can be attributed to the dedicated in-house development team and their work to ensure an easy setup and management process. The company is confident that the hard work of its team will enable the Proforma Network to maintain its momentum and, in the near future, celebrate its goal of 10,000 ProStores built.

“We have seen a spike in the development of ProStores which can be directly attributed to our e-commerce certification program,” explained Stan Maxwell, Chief Strategy Officer of Proforma. “These courses offer our owners and their teams the opportunity to become ProStores Certified Consultants and illustrate how, with our streamlined process and guidance from our Help Desk team, they can use this valuable tool designed just for them. .”