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Shop smart and save money at Fresh Market

Shopping can be irritating. I question anyone who says otherwise.

The ritual can be less of a chore than an experience, especially when, say, you stroll through a sprawling open food market in Paris or Barcelona, ​​picking crunchy cucumbers under a canopy of garlands while classical music plays. and a mix of various flavors. – fresh ground coffee and peanut butter, spring flowers, herbs and hot roast chicken – swirling deliciously through the air.

This kind of world-class culinary shopping experience is exactly what the founders of The Fresh Market, with locations in Latham and Saratoga Springs, were determined to bring to suburban America.

Returning from a trip to Europe, Ray Berry and his wife, Beverly, were inspired to create a more intimate, personalized, European-style shopping experience for purveyors of fine food whose senses would sharpen and eyes widen as they admire the fresh flowers. arrangements, a vast display of international cheeses, stacks of fresh produce and deep barrels of roasted nuts and dried fruits.

It looks friendly. It sounds exotic. It seems expensive. Certainly the first two, but not necessarily the last.

The couple opened the first The Fresh Market in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1982. Today, there are 159 The Fresh Market locations in 22 states, each offering a range of offerings for the consummate foodie, of course, but also price-conscious consumers who value convenience. , as your servant.

In addition to an assortment of epicurean olive oils – the price of most chills my frugal bones – The Fresh Market offers a range of monthly and weekly sales, routine promotions, ready-to-make meals and now a brand new loyalty program that has convinced me that the chain deserves a spot once a week on my grocery list.

The Ultimate Loyalty Experience is the chain’s first “join and save” rewards program. Membership is free and members receive exclusive product discounts, digital coupons and a free slice of birthday cake during their birthday month. There are no points to accumulate, just access to weekly deals, many of which are automatically loaded into a member’s account.

To create the ultimate loyalty experience, the company did its homework by researching key features and technologies from similar e-commerce programs.

“We took all the best of the best elements of our key learnings and applied them to our brand, our customers and our business model to create the ultimate loyalty experience,” said Kevin Miller, chief marketing officer at The Fresh Market in the launch press. Release. “We know our brand, our products and our customers are special and unique, so we’re thrilled that our ultimate loyalty experience has been customized from the ground up to provide a solid value exchange for our customers that will help us serve them. even better – and we also have some surprises in store for them in the coming months!

Another element of the program is “The Club Hub” purchase frequency program. Clubs allow customers to earn free items and dollars on their favorite items. There are currently five organized clubs – Market Meal Kit Club, Artisan Cheese Club, Whole Panini Club, Floral Club and Coffee by the Cup Club – with more to come. The ability to customize and create frequency programs to meet customer needs is another unique benefit for members, says Miller.

The ultimate loyalty experience is just the final perk for value-driven consumers. The key to saving even more is knowing when to shop. There are special offers almost every day of the week. Buy them, but perhaps avoid widely available, regularly priced shelf items that are often more expensive than the competition:

  • Every Tuesday is $2.99 ​​on Tuesdays. The store price is $2.99 ​​pounds of antibiotic-free skinless chicken breast and fresh ground beef, a savings of at least $2 a pound. The offer is generally not available on public holidays and other products are also presented. You can head to the meat crate or look in the nearby refrigerated crates. They anticipate lots of customers and often pre-package the chicken and chuck to avoid a bottleneck at the butcher shop.
  • On Wednesdays, The Fresh Market unveils a new Little Big Meal. Available for seven days and typically priced between $20 and $25, the deal gives busy chefs a convenient way to prepare a nutritious meal for a family of four. Options range from Mexican street tacos and ramen noodle bowls to chicken parmesan and gourmet burgers. All the ingredients are on display near the entrance, making it an easy way to gather the goods. If you bought each ingredient separately, you would pay at least $15 more.
  • By far, my favorite weekly promotion is the $5 Thursday Deals. I hesitate to share because the offers are so good. But, as a courtesy, here are: every Thursday, several items, including marinated chicken breasts, pecan-crusted trout, pizzas prepared by delicatessens, shrimp cocktail platters, selected sushi rolls , fresh chicken rolls and more, are priced at $5. I can create multiple meals from these $5 deals.

There are other ways to save, including buy one, get one free on Mondays, Surf and Turf Sundays, and a myriad of meals to go. Check the website for sales or subscribe to receive daily emails outlining all offers and promotions.

The Fresh Market also regularly offers ready-to-go dinner deals for large holiday gatherings. For example, Easter ham dinners and brunch options are available for groups of two to 10 people. All orders can be purchased online and picked up curbside. But, if you want to be momentarily whisked away to a market in Budapest or Vienna, maybe step inside and see if that suits you.

Visit to register with an email address and password.

Once registered, you will have access to member-only prices and offers, rewards for repeat purchases through the Club Hub, a free share of The Ultimate Birthday Cake for your birthday month, exclusive access to digital coupons and more.