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SpotHopper Restaurant Website Platform Cleans $ 14 Million

Restaurant website platform SpotHopper on Tuesday, November 30, completed a Series A fundraiser that will net the company $ 14 million to expand its sales model and increase feature development.

Software-focused private equity firm TVC Capital has led the fundraising efforts of SpotHopper, which has 3,000 restaurant customers in more than 30 states. Its platform has an immersive content management system that includes catering and private party management solutions, online orders, email and social media marketing automation, loyalty programs, business analyzes, etc.

“Each restaurant is unique and provides incredible value to its community,” said Niko Ivanovic, co-founder and COO of SpotHopper, in the company announcement. “We’re excited to continue helping thousands of restaurants showcase their skills, talent and creativity online, not just in the kitchen. “

SpotHopper recently added SMS functionality and is working on future integrations into third-party delivery services.

“The growing stack of challenges a restaurant operator faces can be overwhelming, especially since the pandemic,” SpotHopper co-founder and CEO Aleksandar Ivanovic said at the company. announcement. “We are thrilled to partner with TVC Capital to bring even more cutting edge solutions to help local independent restaurants meet these challenges.

“The goal of our all-in-one solution is to help operators manage everything they need to do online from one place, for the lowest cost and the least effort. possible, ”he said.

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Most of the advancements in the drive-thru restaurant experience were created out of necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, before the coronavirus outbreak, Chipotle launched its drive-thru lane for Chipotlane mobile orders.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s announced in October its partnership with IBM to help it develop and implement automated order taking (AOT) capabilities. For much of this year, Burger King has been testing a program that uses Bluetooth to identify members of the Royal Perks loyalty program, personalizing driving signage for each customer.

In August, Taco Bell announced the design of its Defy store, a mobile-integrated four-way drive-thru where orders are sent from the kitchen via a food elevator.



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