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Square One Shopping Center to Unveil New Store Concepts for Canadian Retailer European Boutique and Other First-Class Watch and Jewelry Brands

Single-brand concepts represent a further expansion for luxury watch brands in partnership with European Boutique. Over the past 4 years, the iconic Canadian retailer has unveiled a number ofCanada single-brand concepts, including from Canada first Breitling boutique, OMEGA boutique, as well as world-class showcases for Montblanc, TAG Heuer and GUCCI which are unique in all North America.

Canadian brand Diamonds Direct® also confirmed the opening of a new showroom concept at Square One shopping center in early 2022. The expansion represents a major initiative of Diamonds Direct® in the City of Mississauga, one of from Canada largest and most dynamic markets. The new store will occupy approximately 30 feet of storefront and feature design elements inspired by Diamonds Direct’s CF Sherway Gardens showroom at Etobicoke, shown below. The new store will allow Diamonds Direct® present its full range of natural and laboratory diamonds, as well as its family of brands (Jewelery Direct®, Gold Direct® and Watches Direct ™).

Direct Diamonds® currently operates an e-commerce business through Canada To and confirmed plans for additional showrooms in all major markets, Canada-large.

About the European store

The European boutique is one of from Canada the largest retailers of luxury watches and jewelry. The brand operates stores under its own name as well as boutiques in partnership with luxury brands Breitling, OMEGA, Montblanc and single-brand concepts in partnership with TAG Heuer and GUCCI. European Boutique also operates an e-commerce business through Canada at Additional information on the European Shop can be found at

About Diamonds Direct®

Direct Diamonds® is a proudly Canadian brand dedicated to providing a refreshing and seamless diamond shopping experience. The brand is focused on maximizing intrinsic value for its customers by revolutionizing the process of sourcing and educating diamonds. Additional information about Diamonds Direct® can be found at

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