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The CBD Store launches high-quality CBD products to Mexican consumers

TIJUANA, MEXICO/ACCESSWIRE/May 19, 2022/ The CBD Store, an e-commerce start-up, launched high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) products to Mexican consumers. CBD is a supplement that can help reduce anxiety, restore restful sleep, regulate endocrine system function, and improve overall quality of life. The company was founded a year and a half ago to provide Mexican consumers with premium CBD products from a brand they can trust. Now, the CBD Store acts as the main distributor of CBD with a wide selection of products including vape pens, oils, salves, gummies, and capsules.

“When we started this business, we saw a great opportunity in a previously untapped market to bring the benefits of CBD to Mexican consumers. All of our CBD products are available at a competitive price, and we work hard to ensure that all products are received as efficiently as possible,” said Joan Sebastián Cárdenas Villaseñor, the founder of CBD Store Mx. “Not only do we focus on the best customer service, but we also focus on the highest quality products, which closes the loop on the customer experience. We want to bring natural healing to Mexicans by offering premium products and a seamless e-commerce experience.

The CBD Store aims to provide first-class customer service, from purchase to delivery, while simultaneously educating about the holistic benefits of CBD. More and more people are choosing natural remedies like CBD to help them control their anxiety, improve their sleep and improve their well-being, and the CBD Store wants to make sure that these people receive a product in which they can trust. With the CBD Store’s extensive inventory, Mexican consumers are sure to find a high-quality, natural remedy that’s right for them.

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