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The Hive clothing store moves from Hallie to Bloomer in 2022 | Local News

A bustling local business is set to migrate and pollinate a new location in Chippewa County.

The Hive, a clothing boutique / store in Hallie, will be relocating in early 2022. Co-owners Alyssa Tollefson and Lexi Dawson will move the business to 1515 Main Street in Bloomer, and Indigo Waters Therapy and Retreats will sublet the Hive location. . to Hallie. Hallie’s location will remain open until Small Business on Saturday, November 27.

“The people at Bloomer have shown me so much love and support before,” Tollefson said. “Everyone seems very welcoming and welcoming, so we look forward to bringing The Hive to Bloomer very soon. It’s exciting. “

The Hive has focused on in-person sales, while supplementing those sales with online sales, for almost two years. However, Tollefson said the new 450-square-foot location will make more use of e-commerce, as the space will be smaller than Hallie’s 1,200-square-foot location. Along with the change in marketing focus, the items sold will be more selected and tailored to the lifestyles of northern Wisconsin.

Tollefson and his family moved to Bloomer over the summer and the family will be an integral part of the new location. Tollefson’s husband will complete the remodeling of Bloomer’s location, and she said the lessons she learned from owning The Hive are invaluable and will inform how she operates the new Chippewa County location.

“We enjoyed our location in Hallie, but are excited to move it closer to home,” said Tollefson. “There is no one formula that you can plug your business into and make it work right away. I’ve learned that being authentic is the best way to reach and retain customers over time. I plan to transform The Hive into a more relationship-based business.

In early 2020, young entrepreneurs from the Chippewa Valley, Alyssa Tollefson and Lexi Dawson, opened The Hive, a cafe / boutique / event space in Chippewa Falls.

The location was named after their goal of helping Chippewa Valley women connect, and the building Deb’s Café lived in became her home. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March of last year, big changes occurred for young business owners.

Due to the inability to fully exploit the potential of the cafe / event space due to coronavirus restrictions, these aspects of The Hive closed in December to make room for store expansion. The restaurant space at The Hive was leased to a bakery and the store opened in January of this year.

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