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The Smith Maneuver Unveils Redesigned Website

Developed in the mid-1980s, Canadians use Smith’s Maneuver to keep more of their hard-earned money in order to reduce the cost of home ownership and improve their financial security. It’s an extremely effective method of simultaneously achieving a number of uniquely Canadian goals: eliminating costly, non-deductible mortgage debt, generating valuable tax deductions, and investing for the future.

bWEST Interactive has designed the new responsive website with features that will enable Smith’s Maneuver at:

  • Deliver a world-class website experience with responsive design.
  • Improve site navigation and access to Smith’s Maneuver comprehensive offering of financial books, courses and tools that provide quick and easy access to information, including research Smith Maneuver Certified Professionals (SMCP).
  • Increase Smith’s Maneuver acquisition of domestic customers through improved search engine optimization (SEO) and improved conversion rate.

Robinson SmithPresident and CEO, said that “the new site not only updates and modernizes Smith’s Maneuver brand, but also greatly increases the functionality and navigation of the site. We anticipate a significant improvement in site management, but more importantly, a more engaging and streamlined experience for visitors and customers, regardless of the device used to view the site. »

Lu Ann OlsonVice President of Administration, said, “From an administrative perspective, I’m excited about the increased capacity of the website; from an educational perspective, I’m excited about how visitors will be able to more efficiently obtain the information and products that will help them on their journey to financial security. »

bWEST is an interactive marketing and web design agency. We help our clients attract and retain customers through creative and effective digital marketing strategy and tools.

Smith Consulting Group Ltd. educates Canadian homeowners and trains finance professionals on Smith’s Maneuver.

SOURCESmith Consulting Group Ltd.