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Toronto gets first self-service department store in Canada without employees

Automated stores are coming to Toronto, and soon the city may be home to some of the first fully automated mini kiosk “department stores”.

Mississauga-based Dori has yet to launch, but it’s supposed to rethink the concept of a newsstand with smart kiosks placed in high-traffic pedestrian areas, such as Union Station.

The idea is to combine all the best of an e-commerce and an in-person store. “It’s as easy as using Shopify,” for brands, the website boasts.

Digital native brands should be able to access an unattended physical point of sale in a sort of “interactive aisle” (which is said to be the first of its kind in North America) that allows them to taste and sell their products. instantly.

Sweets, gifts, snacks, drinks, books, and fresh foods are examples of some types of products that brands could sell through the Dori concept.

Dori is one of the many new retail concepts that are surfacing in Toronto these days. Aisle 24 recently opened the city’s first 24-hour self-service convenience store with no employees on site.

Coming soon to King West, another new concept called GoodGood. It’s not an automated store, but what the company calls “a better kind of convenience” and “the future of local commerce”.

Construction of the store is currently underway with an expected opening date before the end of the year.

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