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Walmart Canada Gets Apple Pay Support on Website and App

While it may not be in the United States currently, Walmart stores in Canada have Apple Pay Support for over a year now and are now accepting it on the company website.

According to a recent announcement manufactured by Walmart Canada, its website, and its app now accept Apple Pay.

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The announcement was made to coincide with Walmart Canada’s new partnership with Interac Corp.

Jennifer Jones, vice president, financial products, services and payments at Walmart Canada, said the new partnership between the two companies will provide customers with multiple payment options.

“We know our customers want a seamless omnichannel shopping experience and we’re proud to deliver it,” she said. “Adding Interac Debit to all online and in-app purchases is part of our plan to expand our service offering and provide Canadians with consistency and inclusion when shopping with Walmart. “

Adeel Syed, vice president and business partnerships at Interac Corp., said the partnership will also help provide customers with more contactless payment options.

“Interac is proud to partner with Walmart Canada to deliver a more unified omnichannel payment experience through the acceptance of contactless payments through Interac Debit in-store, and now for e-commerce payments online and through the app at the store. ‘help from Apple Pay,’ he said. . “Canadians told us they wanted the ability to use debit in online channels as they would in-store during the pandemic and beyond, and now they can have the option to do so at the. one of Canada’s leading retailers. ”

Apple Pay is not accepted in Walmart stores in the United States at this time. Instead, US customers have the option of using Walmart Pay integrated with the Walmart app from the App Store.

Walmart Pay scans a QR code on the card reader at the cashier or at the cashier from which the customer makes a purchase.

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