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Walmart to accelerate home delivery in 2022

BENTONVILLE, Ark. – As the new year rings, Walmart’s resolution is to bring the convenience of its home delivery service to more customers.

The retailer plans to expand the service from 6 million homes to 30 million homes by the end of the year. To support the expansion, Walmart plans to hire more than 3,000 associate delivery drivers as well as build a fleet of all-electric delivery vans.

“We have been operating InHome in some markets for the past two years and have found it to be a perfect solution for customers who want to live their lives without worrying about going to the store or being at home to accept a delivery, “said Tom Ward, senior vice president, last mile at Walmart US” Identifying ways to help our customers save time and money is our goal, and nothing presents it better than delivery to home, which is why we’re excited to bring the convenience of InHome to even more customers in 2022. “

Launched in 2019, Walmart’s home delivery service uses highly skilled associates to deliver fresh groceries, essentials and more directly to customers’ homes, including placing items directly in their refrigerators. kitchen or garage, as well as to collect returns.

Here is how it works:

  • Order: Once registered with InHome, customers place their orders on the Walmart app and select InHome as their preferred delivery option.
  • Deliver: A highly qualified InHome employee performs the delivery. Upon arriving at the customer’s home, the associate uses a one-time access code to unlock the customer’s door or garage through their InHome app, which pairs with smart entry technology. The app keeps the customer informed at every step and a camera, worn on the associate’s vest, records the entire delivery, which customers can access from their phones for up to a week after each delivery.
  • Enjoy: Associates take appropriate safety precautions, including wearing a mask, sanitizing surfaces and locking down, leaving the perfect finishing touch, according to Walmart.

Walmart’s home delivery service costs $ 19.95 per month or $ 148 per year with no additional charges, including tips, which are built into the price of the subscription. Customers can extend one-time access to their InHome associate by using an existing smart lock, garage keypad, or by purchasing a new smart lock from InHome for $ 49.95.

To support the rapidly growing service, Walmart plans to hire more than 3,000 InHome Associate Delivery Drivers. InHome drivers are employed by Walmart and receive an additional $ 1.50 / hour for most current in-store positions, a pay differential designed to attract top talent, according to the retailer. InHome drivers receive extensive training conducted both in person and using virtual reality, which enables them to build their skills around the use of innovative tools and technologies to manage the delivery process.

“This new role is another example of how technology allows us to offer new career opportunities that simply weren’t there a few years ago,” said Julie Murphy, Executive Vice President and Director of Corporate Affairs. human resources, Walmart US. InHome associates are a testament to the trust we place in them and their continued commitment to delight our clients. Everyone has the opportunity for a career here at Walmart, and this position is further proof of that. “

Walmart will equip InHome associates with a fleet of all-electric delivery vans. The electric vehicle (EV) implementation supports the retailer’s goal of operating a zero-emission logistics fleet by 2040 and is also supported by Walmart’s growing infrastructure of 1,396 EV charging stations across stores and clubs in 41 states.

Door-to-door delivery is the latest delivery option suitable for Walmart customers and is an important part of the retailer’s last mile delivery strategy, which includes creating a low-cost last mile delivery network focused on density, speed and durability. Walmart also offers express delivery and delivery on more than 160,000 items at more than 3,400 Walmart stores, reaching 70% of the US population.

Additionally, the retailer is the industry leader in experimenting with sustainable and innovative delivery solutions, including drones and self-driving cars. More recently, Walmart began to market its delivery capabilities nationwide through Walmart GoLocal, a white label delivery business as a service company focused on providing third-party retailers and brands with a delivery solution. affordable local.

Walmart, based in Bentonville, operates approximately 10,500 stores and clubs under 48 banners in 24 countries and e-commerce sites. The company’s revenue for fiscal 2021 was $ 559 billion.