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Why absolutely no one should buy from Wish this Black Friday

My friends and I have a fun game that we love to play, which we call WTF Wish. The F stands for frick, obviously.

Returning to the heyday of rogue and random sellers on Amazon, Wish is the wild west of ecommerce these days, giving us top notch randomness right in our social media news feeds.

His marketing strategy works too – at least, since I almost always stop by to see what weird trinkets are recommended to me this time around – the vast majority of which are so self-explanatory or just plain gross that I just couldn’t bear to share them on our site.

So I thought it would be fun to check out some of the incredibly low and popular items on Wish this Black Friday – which would be even cheaper thanks to the Wish Black Friday discount code, offering up to 80% off.

Seriously, while most products are just good for fun, we do not recommend purchasing technology items from Wish – especially since the French government has “Found that a large portion of the products reviewed on the Wish site were unsafe.”

Oh, and also, we’ll use the full names from the listings on the site. It’s part of the experience.

Popular Wish Offers

We could go on for hours with the curse items we found here, but you’ve already gotten the gist of it, we’re sure.

If you really want some great Black Friday deals while they’re still around, we’ve always got the best of the best covered. But no Wish.

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